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Monthly One-Day Prayer Events (NYC, DFW, and Zoom in remotely)

Once a month, members are invited to gather together to seek the Lord all day from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. This amount of time dedicated to seeking God is rare for pastors today but was common for biblical pastors (e.g., Acts 6:4) and for powerful Christian leaders in church history.

This unique opportunity will bring strength in the Lord, a filling of the Spirit and increased effectiveness in ministry and leadership. There is a gathering in-person in Manhattan, New York, and others join remotely via zoom. To join one of the prayer events remotely (online), please email


To take part in person in New York, please email

Monthly One-Day Prayer Events
Thu, Jan 11, 2024
Thu, Feb 8, 2024
Thu, Mar 14, 2024

Mon, Apr 22, 2024 - Fri, Apr 26, 2024 (week-long prayer gathering)
Thu, May 9, 2024
Thu, Jun 13, 2024
Thu, Jul 11, 2024
Thu, Aug 8, 2024
Thu, Sep 12, 2024

Mon, Oct 14, 2024 - Fri, Oct 18, 2024 (week-long prayer gathering)
Thu, Nov 14, 2024
Thu, Dec 12, 2024 

Thu, Jan 9, 2025

. . .

Typical Schedule

7:00 AM  Welcome

7:15 AM  Group Prayer

8:00 AM  Seeking God Principles

8:30 AM  Group Prayer

9:00 AM  Coffee Break

9:15 AM  Prayer for One Another

10:00 AM  Zoom with Heritage Pastors Nationwide

10:15 AM  Message on Seeking God and Revival

10:45 AM  Group Prayer

12:00 PM  Bible Reading 

2:00 PM  Discussion of Bible Reading

2:30 PM  Group Prayer

3:00 PM  Personal Time: Listening to God

4:00 PM  Video on Principles of Seeking God and Revival

5:00 PM  Discussion of Lessons Learned

5:30 PM  Group Prayer

6:00 PM  Dinner

Learn More

To learn more, email

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